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DARQ Tech is Here

DARQ tech is here, and it will change the world. Businesses must be ready to embrace it. Early adopters will reap huge rewards, whilst those who linger may miss the opportunity entirely. 

Every few generations, technology takes a huge leap forwards on multiple fronts at once. On the rare occasions this happens, each advancement amplifies the others. The result is that the world changes at a breathtaking pace. 

The Toilet...Digitally Transformed

The latest recipient of the digital transformation treatment is the humble toilet. Almost entirely unchanged since its invention 150 years ago, the toilet is now being reimagined with the power of digital. 

Tech Farming and Robot Farmers

Tech farming is on the rise. The agriculture industry is using technology to create massive change. From artificial intelligence and drone technology to electric tractors, agriculture is becoming more disruptive by the year. The pace of technological innovation in farming is quite remarkable. Part of the reason is that one of the leading agriculture businesses - John Deere - has embraced digital transformation and technological innovation to drive advancement. As a result of its tech ambition, it has established itself firmly as the market leader.

AI Weed Targeting

AI weed targeting has been developed by researchers, and is reducing pesticide use by 80%. 

For a more general look at the developments in agritech and farmtech have a look at our more recent blog post/article. 

Algorithms and Competition Law

Digital Platforms & Algorithms: Beware the Competition Risks

Algorithms and competition law go hand in hand, yet few people realise the legal dangers involved. Given that many tech businesses aim for market disrupting, super fast growth, they are often exactly the sorts of businesses that the CMA shows an interest in.

Artificial Intelligence Used by UK Firm to Develop Bowel Cancer Blood Test 

UK based firm, and Swansea University spin out, CanSense has spent the last 8 years utilising artificial intelligence to develop a blood test for bowel cancer.  Bowel cancer is one of the most invasive and expensive cancers to detect, currently requiring a colonoscopy to be performed.

Artificial Intelligence Develops Cancer Blood Test

Artificial intelligence has been used to develop a blood test that can detect up to 50 different types of cancer before signs of the illnesses emerge. 

Ovarian cancer is one of the varieties the machine learning can detect - a game changing advancement since ovarian cancer is often considered a silent killer because of the lack of symptoms. 

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