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How do we get More Women in Tech?

More women in tech is something that we desperately need. The current skills gap is holding back innovation and the global economy. Businesses across the UK, Europe and America are struggling to hire people with the tech skills they need. The tech skills gap needs to be solved. On the face of it, the simplest solution would be to get more women in tech.

Female Tech Founders

Female tech founders are growing in number. Despite this, only 5% of tech leadership positions are held by women. One of the best ways to begin changing that is to shine a light on the many successful female tech founders in the world. Find out some of the other ways we can get more women in tech in our blog post.

Here are a list of some very well known, and less well known but equally successful, female founders in the tech and digital transformation spaces: 

Influential Women in Tech

Influential women in tech have a vital role to play in the advancement of the economy. Despite this, women in tech are chronically underrepresented and that is a problem. Firstly because more diverse businesses are more successful. Secondly because there is a chronic shortage of tech skills in the western world and that shortage is holding back innovation, technological advancement and economic growth.

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